Letter from Dr. Fuji

Dear All,

I hope this e-mail finds you well!

My name is William Fuji and I'm the CEO of DR FUJI fitness, wellness health products company and the vender of golds gym in Fremont California.
With the new outbreak spreading of COVID-19, you work from home, self-isolation to protect yourself and others! But how to adjust the psychological impact to prevent fear, anxiety
passiveness, such as frustration and no energy.

· Dr Fuji Body Builder, Fitness Gym equipments hot promotion amazing market

This extremely challenging role of physical training jumping FJ-FJ-700 cyber body Fit FX with a large number of sports medicine clinical trials have reported effective prevention of anxiety and passivity home anti-epidemic health life fitness body workouts!

For more details information please check www.sbb-team.com, Fox Business Channel, ABC GOLF channel and PPM medical magazine to introduce!

· Dr Fuji DMS PRO6

DMS PRO6 is a cordless new generation device on the athletic fitness wellness products.

The DrFuji Deep Muscle Stimulator (DRFUJI DMS) uses percussion, mechanical vibrations that reach deep into the muscle tissues to stimulate proprioceptive functions.

Much of muscle pain stems from various conditions strain, lactic acid build up, scar tissue etc. no other device on the market matches the effectiveness of DRFUJL DMS PRO6.

Dr Fuji dMs Pro6 also aids recovery from sold tissues injuries such as sprains and strains by accelerating efficient circulation in the injured areas and appropriate stimulation of the healing

If you’re interested in getting more introduction, please ask the attachment via relying us.


Over 50% Discount from Quarante stay at home from April 1 2020 to July 30 2020

FJ-700 cyber body Fit FX price $3300

GOLD'S GYM members: only $150/M plus 12 months free delivery of zero interest!

Dr Fuji DMS PRO6 price $4855,72

GOLD'S GYM Members: $150/M plus 12 months free delivery, no interest if paid in full within 12 months.

Five years warranty (one year free).

Modern medicine thinks, the skin contains the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles, rich in blood vessels and peripheral nerves, such as massage force factors acting on the body
surface of physical stimulation, in effect the cause of biophysical and biochemical changes, deep by the skin directly or indirectly to the muscles and fascia, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic
tissue penetration, through the regulation of neural and humoral, produce a series of pathophysiological changes, which makes the body function recovery and improve.
Fitness/relaxation massage can make you better function mechanism.

Thanks Regards

William Fuji MD PhD


DR Fuji Co.
4399 Ingot Street Fremont CA 94538
Instgeram: drfujifitness
Instgram: drfujicyberstudio
TikTok: Drfuji superstar

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